Why Venture Outside?

Those who Venture Outside are adventurers, seekers, and journeyers. They’re not afraid to scratch the surface, ask questions, and experience the unknown. Our adventures are designed to offer an alternative to the typical “mass-market” vacation offerings that funnel you into crowded destinations and homogenized experiences where your pictures and memories are the same as everyone else’s.


We enjoy “brain drain” mindless escapism from time to time, where “It’s about the destination or activity” and thinking is optional. There are places to go almost anywhere for a hike, a bike ride, or to dip a paddle in the water.  Most of the time though, our spirits and minds beg to be included on an escape like this.


We at VO are like you. We try to be optimistic about our world, and we appreciate the Good Life – good work, an active lifestyle, a desire to continue to learn and evolve, healthy food, and a lot of laughter and fun. We’re professionals, like you – Ecologists, Musicians, Geologists, Yoga Instructors, Holistic Health practitioners, and more, who also happen to be licensed adventure guides. We believe that humans thrive best when there is a strong connection with nature, and we’re sure the earth benefits too.


Our adventures and retreats are designed with all of this in mind. A full package of activities that will exercise the body, mind, and spirit, and set the stage for a truly transformative experience and a heckuva good time. Exhilerating and challenging physical exercise, yoga, active meditation, learning, healthy eating, music, laughter…it’s all there. It just needs you in the picture!


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