Traveler, A Poem by Jenna Santillo


What calls you out into the night?
What wakes you from your slumber and brings you to this silent road?
What greets you with each step as the weight of your wandering feet
falls towards the earth,
making contact with that which holds you as you journey through this timeless world?
What calls to you, still, when you no longer wish to take another step,
or when you cannot bear another breath?
And what walks beside you as you roam, deeper into the nameless spaces, and carries you softly, into the wild rooms of your heart?
Traveler, where are you going?
Will you ever know?


Jenna Santillo is a Holistic Lifestyle Educator, Presence Healing Mentor, and Self-Care Coach. With a compassionate heart, she lovingly assists you in dismantling the internal structures that keep you from experiencing the truth of your own creative wisdom. Please visit her web site at