Trip Categories

Do you have a group of four or more that would like a private outdoor adventure or outing? Maybe you’re planning a group business or team building outing, want to get away from the city with your family, or you are looking to boost your athletic abilities. VO will design the perfect private adventure or retreat with just the right type and amount of physical activity, planned activities, and relaxation to meet your goals and needs.

We’ll handle all the planning and heavy lifting (and carrying) during your customized Maine get away so you can relax and enjoy the woods.

·     Corporate Retreats and Outings

·     Family and Group Gatherings

·     Extreme and Endurance Athlete Training

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Corporate Retreats and Outings:

We can design a custom outdoor adventure to reward your team and advance your organizational goals. We will design activities that integrate core principles of the outdoors—resourcefulness, adaptability, creativity—to your team’s goals.

Our staff is loaded with successful business people.  Dave founded and ran a successful Environmental Consulting firm for 15 years, and then was a Vice President of the major international firm that acquired his company. Ellie began and is running a successful Music School. Kara has her own Yoga business. We draw on years of people and organizational management experience and perspective to design corporate outings. Our adventures refresh and reward your team while boosting productivity.

We work one-on-one with each organization to identify development goals, (e.g., time management, interchanging roles, communication, etc.) to incorporate into our outdoor retreat. Some of targeted skills include: effective decision making and problem solving under pressure, utilizing available resources, setting priorities, identifying critical paths and bottlenecks, managing risk, knowing when to call in help and more.

Of course, learning how to build a fire without matches, building and sleeping in bush shelter, harvesting wild edibles, and exploring a beautiful, pristine destination are wonderful in their own right, but even better when they help your team grow.

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Family & Group Adventures

There is not much better than sharing outdoor experiences with your children, your close circle of friends, or your social club.

The modern world that our children live in tends to be screen-based and filled with instant messaging, tweets, video games, violence on TV, and information transmitted in sound bytes. There may be no better counterweight to all of these things, than time in nature.  A weekend in the woods offers the chance to reconnect with your family or friends while enjoying the peace and serenity of the outdoors.

Is your club or meetup group looking to add new adventures to your get-together? Planning a get together or reunion with your college friends? Want an unusual wedding ceremony?

We’ll handle all of the planning, shopping, cooking, logistics & camp chores. Which means your memories will be of enjoying good times with one another, not spending your adventure trying to get a good fire going or the camp stove working.

We have a world of ideas, no matter what your get-together.

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Extreme & Endurance Athletes

VO staff have participated in Olympic qualifying trials for biking and rowing, run marathons, and have coached sports ranging from ice hockey to crew.  Whether you’re training for a triathalon or a tough mudder event, we’ll design an intense alternative conditioning excursion that will complement and augment your regular training routing.

Train at elevation in the mountains of western Maine.

Cross train on a mountain bike, a sea kayak, or a road bike.

In addition to the 3000-4000 calories a day burned, you’ll see amazing benefits in cardio conditioning—eight hours of interval training will do that. You’ll also see benefits in core and lateral strength as well as improved balance and proprioception from hiking on uneven, rocky trails along the Maine coast, and in the mountains.


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