Partner with Venture Outside for a Holistic Multi-Sport Retreat!

Are you a Professional Holistic or Wellness Practitioner, Coach or Therapist, love the outdoors, and want to offer your existing and potential new clients an exciting new twist on treatment as a way of expanding your business? Is your specialty in Nutrition, Counseling, Bodywork, Fitness, Life Force and Energy, Integrative Health technologies, Sound Healing, Resonance, Personal Growth, Yoga & Pilates, Acupuncture, Art Therapy, or other?


Maybe you are a Professional Photographer or Chef, or have some other specialty with skills that are popular in adult education or retreat settings.


We invite you to partner with us to create a retreat that fits within the Venture Outside holistic model for body, mind, and spirit. We’ll work your specialty into a well-rounded schedule of activity, sports, music, and nature in wonderful settings either in Maine or at one of our international destinations, such as Peru, Ecuador, Baja, or Panama.


We bring our professional skills, certifications, and organizational structure to the table to support the retreat, and then do our best to partner with you to market our retreat. We’ll coordinate the planning so you can concentrate on developing the best possible program for your clients.