Custom Excursions

  • Corporate Retreats and Outings
  • Family and Group Gatherings
  • Extreme and Endurance Athlete Training


Do you have a group of four or more that would like a private outdoor adventure or outing? Maybe you’re planning a group business or team building outing, want to get away from the city with your family, or you are looking to boost your athletic abilities. VO will design the perfect private adventure or retreat with just the right type and amount of physical activity, planned activities, and relaxation to meet your goals and needs.


We’ll handle all the planning and heavy lifting (and carrying) during your customized get-away so you can relax and fully enjoy your experience, whether it’s on an island in Maine, a sandy beach in Baja California, Mexico, or the high Andes of Peru or Ecuador.


Any of the Venture Outside Adventures or Retreats can serve as a template or starting point for your Custom Excursion. We’ll adapt it to satisfy your specific interests and preferences.


A Custom Excursion also can include a dedicated trip or retreat for your group scheduled during your desired dates. The minimum number of participants required to hold a specific Adventure or Retreat varies, so contact us using the form that you’ll find at the bottom of the description for each excursion.