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10 Nov Sea Kayak Where You Are – Let VO bring a one-day or multi-day trip to wherever you are on the coast of Maine!

Let VO’s “Sea Kayak Where You Are” bring the trip to you.


Many fine sea kayaking outfitters are scattered along the coast of Maine. There also are many fine sea kayaking destinations that are not located near outfitters.


This adventure is especially for you if:

  • You have a specific favorite place you want to kayak in, but don’t have your own kayaks, or if you have your own kayaks but don’t have confidence in planning a trip in that location.
  • You want more from your paddling experience by having a legitimate expert-level guide in natural history, coastal ecology & geology, and Maine culture.


Our Licensed Maine Seakayaking Guides will plan out a trip anywhere on the coast, and bring the kayaks to your location. You’ll be accompanied by our Expert Level Naturalist Guides to help guide you to a truly remarkable experience.


A minimum of 2 paddlers is required, and we’ll plan both one day, and multi-day excursions. Price per person will depend on location in Maine and number of paddlers.


Call us at 207-749-0501 or complete the form below for details on our “Sea Kayak Where You Are” adventure or to schedule an excursion now.

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