10 Nov Family & Group Adventures – Organized sports and wellness activities for your family, social club, or group of friends.

There isn’t much that’s better than sharing outdoor experiences with your children, your close circle of friends, or your social club.


The modern world that our children live in tends to be screen-based and filled with instant messaging, tweets, video games, violence on TV, and information transmitted in sound bytes. There may be no better counter-point to all of these things, than time in nature.  A weekend in the woods offers the chance to reconnect with your family or friends while enjoying the peace and serenity of the outdoors.


Is your club or meetup group looking to add new adventures to your get-together? Planning a get together or reunion with your college friends? Want an unusual wedding ceremony?


Venture Outside will handle all of the planning, shopping, cooking, logistics & camp chores. That means your memories will be of enjoying good times with one another, not spending your adventure trying to get a good fire going or the camp stove working.


We have a world of ideas, no matter what your get-together. We’ll plan a trip to any of the locations in Maine or international that we concentrate in, or explore the potential in other regions.


Please call us at 207-749-0501 or contact VO using the form below for more information and to get the conversation started!


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